Minimal Personal Portfolio

Make a better first impression

Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Phone

Released: 2023

Platform: Framer

Creator: Flingor

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Upgrade your personal first impression with Resumini, a meticulously designed portfolio template tailored predominantly for engineers but versatile enough to accommodate professionals from all walks of life. With a sharp focus on cleanliness, minimalism, and sophistication, Resumini draws attention to what matters the most: Your journey, achievements, and skills.

Whether you're a mechanical engineer diving deep into fluid dynamics or a software engineer scripting the next big application, Resumini ensures your potential stands out, not overshadowed by unnecessary frills. Crafted with an understanding of the modern engineer's needs, this template encapsulates a touch of tech while maintaining a universally professional demeanor.


  1. Minimalistic Design: Clean lines, subtle colors, and intuitive layouts that make navigation a breeze.

  2. About Me Section: Introduce yourself and create a connection even before the first interaction.

  3. Education & Work History: Clearly demarcate your academic achievements and professional trajectory.

  4. Skillset Overview: Highlight your technical and soft skills in a neat, organized manner.

  5. Project Showcase: Put your best foot forward with a dedicated section to display your projects, including images, descriptions, and links.

  6. Optimized for Framer: Built exclusively for Framer, Resumini leverages the platform's strengths to deliver a seamless no-code experience.

  7. Mobile Responsive: Ensures that your portfolio looks impeccable, whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

  8. Fully Customizable: Though designed with a light theme, Resumini offers easy theme switches to align with your personal brand.

  9. Professional & Tech Feel: Perfect for engineers looking to convey expertise while retaining a touch of tech-sophistication.

  10. Contact Info: Makes it easy for potential employers or collaborators to get in touch.

  11. Support: Lifetime updates and customer support

  12. Easy to edit: Reusable sections and components. Easy to customize all the content and elements.


Minimal Personal Portfolio

Designed with Purpose

Being a self-taught designer has given me a unique perspective. Every design element in my templates is created with a sense of clarity, simplicity, and modern aesthetics.

Intuitive Customization

Every template is organized in a logical manner with global settings for colors, typography, layouts, and animations. Every template comes loaded with reuseable assets.


All templates are designed to adapt and look perfect across various devices, from desktops to mobiles, ensuring a consistent user experience.

SEO Optimized

Each template is crafted with SEO best practices in mind, ensuring that your content is ready to make its mark on search engines.

Built for Growth and Scalability

The focus on structure and versatility means that as your brand or business grows, your website can grow with it. The coherent system makes sure that scaling is a breeze.

Forever Updates

I believe in evolution, and as I improve my skills further, I revisit and refine my older templates, ensuring they're always at their best. Free updates forever.

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